Bridging the gap between patients and research

Because patients hold the missing pieces 

to solve the puzzle of any disease



~350 Mio

People suffer 

from rare diseases

Patients in the 


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with Decodeon

A Win-Win Situation

At Decodeon we believe in letting the voices of patients be heard. 


That is why we build patient-centered platforms that can advance disease related knowledge and facilitate the connection between patients and research.

We offer patients services that can help to understand the disease and 

at the same time offers the possibility to take action against it.

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Patients are the key to new medicine!

Decodeon helps people to understand their disease and be part of finding a cure by offering new insights in their disease. By providing the option to participate in medical research, we empower people to be part of the puzzle to find a solution for their disease. 

80% of all trials are delayed or cancelled

We connect matching patients who are interested to clinical trials. Thereby the recruitment and overall development time for new medicine is reduced. 

Trusted by patients and foundations globally, we cooperate to speed up the development of medicine. 

Strength through collaboration!

We have strong partnerships with patient advocacy groups, patient- or reseach foundations. Our partners understand the needs of patients and know what needs to change. That is why collaboration is key in order to reach our shared goal:

Improving the lifes of patients!

We truly believe that only by putting patients first, medical research can be advanced. We build a patient centred database so that we can provide patients with unique information about their disease. The approach is by analysing health data, patients can get insights into the status of their disease and compare themselves to other patients in the community. By showing patients matching clinical trials they can participate in they can support research towards finding a cure. 

What we stand for

People First

Transparency is key for us. 

We are honest and we do not promise anything that we can not keep. Our main goal is to  build a product that is actually needed that is why we constantly learn and improve. Of course that can mean that we change things once in a while, because we listen to our customers and partners. 

If you do not understand something or have questions, call or write us and we will take the time to explain it. 


Our ultimate goal is to help people with a (rare) disease to lead better lives. We believe we can only achieve that by working together. That is why we are the stepping stone between patients and research. We gather disease related information, want to analyse it and give it back to patients. At the same time we help researchers to find matching participants for clinical trials. In that way patients are empowered to help develop medicine for their own disease and the success of clinical trials is increased. 

Improving Lives

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